Audio and Video is the New Suit and Tie

March 18 2021

Contributed by: Chris Martin, Managing Director, Food Tech Group

Today’s post is more of an everyday topic: when was the last time you saw someone in a video call wearing a suit and tie? My answer is…never. Doesn’t it seem like business casual is getting even more casual? Women definitely make more of an effort than us guys. This week I sported a new hat for a local tool manufacturer. Hah! That hat dominated the conversation for the first 10 minutes.

So, this got me thinking: why did we wear suits and ties anyway? I have a theory. The audio and video in a face-to-face meeting - which we all took for granted - was always PERFECT. You’re right there in the room together. Was the suit and tie a differentiator?

In this new remote work world, video and audio are always less than perfect.

“Audio and video are the new meeting differentiators.”

So why did we ever put up with terrible audio for audio-only conference calls? Because they were a temporary patch to a future face-to-face meeting…that now is far from a fait accompli. Audio can be the new suit - the meeting workhorse. It wouldn’t be nice if your customer said, “Wow, you sound like you’re right in the room with me!” Still don’t think the audio quality has primacy as the most important differentiator?

Sounding good
Sounding good

This is the microphone I’ve been drooling over. So if we talk, my goal is to have you feel like I’m right in the room with you.

Video is the tie. Just like a good tie should, the video brings it all together. I don’t miss audio-only conference calls. Are they tracking with me? Seeing that smile or grimace is so helpful.

There is more to do on this topic. For those webcam designers out there, would you please design a camera we can position near the person talking to look at each other in the eyes? I can’t be the only person who finds it annoying when the other person is staring in a different direction.