We Were Ready for the Next Leg of the Journey

November 18 2020

Contributed By: Mary Wilson, General Manager, Tibersoft

We are ready for the next leg of our journey.

We have a vision and passion.

We have great clients who demand excellence and compel us towards innovation.

The names of our team members are known in the industry – as thought leaders, as partners, as women and men of integrity.

As a team, we have collectively dedicated over 275 years to serving our clients, developing our products, and improving the way our industry works.

It feels like we have been doing this forever. It also feels like we are just now stepping over the starting line. Just getting to the good stuff. The needs of our industry are great, and the opportunities are vast.

But there’s a problem. Our original investors require a change. They are ready to move on. We are not.

We need a new home.

We need a new home to continue this work. To create value. To follow the opportunity.

We do not want to be acquired for our client list.

We do not want to be acquired, pared down to the core, and resold.

We do not want to lose our ability to follow our vision – because we absolutely know that we can achieve our goals.

We could also use some help. We’ve been out here, on our own, for a long time, and we’ve found our way. But it is frustrating and exhausting trying to bootstrap our way into the growing, profitable business we know we can be.

We have a great team comprised of intelligent and capable people. But we know that our challenges are not necessarily unique and that others trod a similar path. It would be valuable to hear their stories and to share our stories as well.

We are ready for the next leg of our journey - at Food Tech Group.

At Food Tech Group (a division of Volaris Group), we found a new home that enables us to pursue our vision, maintain our autonomy, and access capital to support our growth strategy. We are members of a vast community of other companies with a deep and rich understanding of our challenges. We are set up for success. Now it’s up to us.